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Grail #1 by GagTheGirl100
Grail #1
I think the only thing worse then an actress you really like never getting tied and gagged is when she does get a scene and you don't like it. Katheryn Winnick is easily one of my favorite actresses and she has had THREE scenes that should have been much better. One she is in sexy lingerie, attacked, tape gagged and knocked out in bed and then shown crying into the camera. The sounds she makes during this scene are awesome… but its waaaaay to short and dark. In another she is in a cop uniform, is more of an angry damsel but has her hands tied in front and a bad gag… and then in another she gets a lengthy chairtie but no gag.
I will put up links to her scenes as I find them:) 

I'm wondering about other peoples grails. I'm not saying I won't take what I can get when it comes to Hollywood bondage but who is an actress you really waited for a scene for only to be disappointed?

A hint on #2- she has had 3 gag scenes as well, is in My Fakes folder and has been gagged with and as Willow
So bare with me, this is going to be trial-and-error at first. Send me a note or an email at with which videos you would like. I'll send you my PayPal addy and then send you the files after it clears.

So available are;
JV  (9:55) $5…

Dakota/Cherry (15:43) $10…

Jinx/Poca  (16:00) $5…

Poca (18:30) $10…

Dee/Jamie (17:06) $10…

Dee (18:02) $15…
or get Dee/Jamie and Dee for $20

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